Week 1

This Program is about transforming your own loss and has the name of my book “Transform Your Loss.  Your Guide to Strength and Hope, which is where I introduced The 11 Principles of Transformation® This system was born out of pain; out of love; out of empowerment.  But please understand that I do not assume to know the reason or reasons for your loss; I only speak from my own experiences and those of the many people who have shared theirs though the stories in this book.  With this said, I must also mention that these tools for transforming your loss have been tried and tested by numerous people I have worked with, through private consultations as a counselor, and through workshops and seminars. 

Using The 11 Principles presented here, these people have indeed transformed their loss and transformed their lives. My purpose, as I share some of my own losses with you, is to let you know that I too have been on a similar path and that I once believed that all was lost.  But embracing life again is possible!

I did and so can you!

Ligia M. Houben

Speaker, Author, Grief Expert & Life Coach

What Can I Expect From This 12-Week Coaching Program? 

As a result of experiencing  The 11 Principles of Transformation® you will be able to

Be Hopeful

– Be Empowered

– Learn Steps to Regain Positive Living

– Focus on What you Have and be Grateful

– Become Responsible of your Life and Accountable for Your Decisions

– Set and Achieve Meaningful Goals for Your Life at all Levels

– Become the Person YOU want to Become