Ligia M. Houben, Creator of The 11 Principles of Transformation©

“Ligia, I am grateful for the opportunity God gave me to meet you and to learn from you how to transform my son’s death into something positive. And not only that, I also learned to deal with all kinds of pain and loss of others.  With what I learned from you, I can listen to others who are also suffering, even when the loss is not due to death.  May God continue to bless you with this very special wisdom that He has given you, especially because of the love with which you share that wisdom.

With much gratitude,”

Maria Gough

In this self-help book, Ligia M. Houben accompanies you through your process of grief and healing.  She introduced “The 11 Principles of Transformation©” as a guide to help you embrace life again with more purpose and meaning. This book goes beyond grief as you will also learn from others who have been able to transform their own story of loss. Be inspired by others…

As you transform your loss, you transform your life.

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